In Love: Once and Forever by Krishna Kumar |

Name Of The Book: In Love: Once and Forever

Author: K Krishna Kumar


ISBN: 978-81-8253-318-9

Genre: Romance / Love Story

Year Of Launch:  2012

Price: INR 200

“To love in such a way that even God should envy the one who deserves your love”
Following the above lines begins the Prologue, a poem, a free verse

“Many wait for someone to fall in love with
In my case; its you , only you
Why because i have fallen in love with
Everything in my life went normal
In the midst you happened
My heart got besotted with all your thought
And my soul got tangled with all your memories
Now i could realise how my life got changed in fraction of a second
I dont know what the consequences are
I just want to see your face
Talk with you, listen to you
Cuddle you, hug you, and lose myself in your arms
I yearn, to do everything you wish
I want to remain as your pride, your joy, your smile, your heart and
Your love
I like to share share all my moments and
Spend my each and every day with you, and
In the end of the day, no matter of the things that has happened
I wish to confess you that
Since from the day your fragrance came along with the love breeze
I have fallen in Love with you
Once and Forever…”

These are the lines by the upcoming writer K Krishna Kumar which defines this book in a nutshell.
Beautiful way to start a novel. Many of the young readers will connect to the book directly, the way in which the words are written are very simple and once when you start reading you get glued to it by the shear simpleness of words used by the author.

This book was recommended to us by Mr Rohit Shetty Author of 5 books titled “Silent Voices” published by Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd, and a series of 4 books titled “Breaking Silence” published by First Step Publishing, in the year 2011 and 2012 respectively. As he quotes “I know Mr K Krishna Kumar personally, a very hard working and a dedicated person in the things he do, which shows in his novel.” further “he is also a part of an anthology titled Colours, published by First Step Publishing, in which he has an awesome collection of poems.”
“I have read this book, and will recommend this book as a must read and am happy for Krishna to be listed as an Author of a Novel.”

Our review for this book is as simple as the words of this book goes, a truly simple story to which one can connect very easily but the book needed more of proofing and editing. At Rs 200/- this book is value for its money. As a book reader i was a bit unhappy because the book didn’t receive that much exposure as the book deserves. Its only available on Flipkart and Amazon.

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One thought on “In Love: Once and Forever by Krishna Kumar |

  1. I heartily thank my first publisher and one of my mentor MR.ROHIT SHETTY, who first gave me oppurtunities to publish my work and now read my novel and has given it for the review…thank you sir

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