Flirting with Fate by Preeti Singh | Mahaveer Publishers

Name Of The Book: Flirting with Fate

Author: Preeti Singh

Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers

ISBN: 978-81-83520-32-4

 Genre: Thriller

Launch Date:  14th July 2012

Price: INR 150

The Blurb of the book says:
To what extent can we go to get loveto be be happy? Can we commit any crime anywhere,anytime and get away with it?
Well.. Anand does..
A beautiful looking boy is adopted but deprived of love and acceptance. In search of love.acceptancestatusAnand takes the easy path of crime.bloodshed theftrapelies. From his mother figureto his sexy teacherto his first love.Anand does just about anything possible to get love.acceptanceand happiness.
Don’t we all do that too?
Anand has it but is he really happy with life? He cleverly escapes the law.camouflages his crimes.but can he really escape his fate? Join Anand in this journey which is a mirror of our souls..our suppressed emotions. angers fears.. desires.
Will you think twice before committing a crime or telling a lie? Do we really reap what we sow? Does Karma really return or is it just a myth? Does Anand pay for what he has done or does he also get away, like most of us?
Let’s find’s about time

About the Author:  Preeti Singh is a bindaaas…born free woman who just scribbles anything that comes to her mind…whether it makes sense or not!!!! Simply because she writes from her heart…without using an ounce of her rarely awake brain!! Snuggled happily in the Lap of the beautiful Chandigarh, Preeti Singh has been a freelance writer since the last 15 years…till she decided to write a book, before her call comes towards her final journey.
Flirting With Fate is her debut crime novel. Why Crime? Well mysteries and crime have always lit the fire within her to discover the truth.And with her strong belief in Karma returning,she is flowing with words in this novel. Besides writing She love to watch movies,listening music, Playing with her dog Amber Singh, and nagging her teenage daughter.

Preeti Singh’s Flirting with Fate, Started off the book with a dedication to her mother followed by a series of thanks to all the family members including the Non Believers, which had me gripped to the book from the get go.
Its so true that for writers, the world is not an easy place you get ridiculed and even laughed at. But As mentioned in the book, as “Col Hari Easwaran” once said, “the ones who cause a storm within you are your real teachers.” I truly accept the above lines and have lived it myself.

Characterisation for a crime thriller is a must and the way in which the author portrayed the characters is truly commendable, you feel as if you are seeing that character in front of you while you are reading the book, be it from the part when Amma is making paratha’s and murmuring, to the part when fluffy growls in hunger are the parts  which further hooks you on in reading the book.
Be it the character of Amma, or the children in the orphanage, right from Anand to Fluffy, i mean In a book / in a novel human characters are broadly highlighted, but have you ever thought about what might be the perspective of a pet dog. what does a woof mean..?? which adds to the humor of the book.

The search of Anand for love, his ways and destructive means and his Journey, are beautifully scripted.
What goes around comes around or as the tagline says Karma Returns, you will feel is so true, which is. .. Reading the book and my journey while reading it was good, and made me think about Karma, and, not to forget the emotional and the unpredictable ending, which adds many more stars to it.

In short a highly recommended book and a must read.  A gripping book which doesnt allow the reader to keep the book down until you finish reading it and when you complete reading it you feel why did it end so soon.

“Inhale the fragrance of my rose as Karma Returns.”

” Karma: It will get you when you least expect it.”

This book is available on
1. Flipkart
2. Dial A Book




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