Minds@Work | First Step Publishing

Name Of the Book:  Minds @ Work

Author/s :
1. Ms Siddhi Aras
2. Mr Aseem Rastogi
3. Ms Sugandha Bhandhari
4. Ms Shalini Bhattacharya
5. Mr Rohit Shetty
6. Mr Ambrish Surve
7. Mr Nikhil Katkar
8. Mr Yash Gaur
9. Ms. Susma Sharma Gurumayum
10 . Ms. Pragya Chaturvedi
11. Ms. Tessa George Katticaran
12. Mr. Krishna Kumar

Publisher:  First Step Publishing  www.firststepcorp.com

ISBN:  978-81-922670-7-4

Genre:  Literature

Expected Launch:  4th August 2012 (E-Book Format)

Price:  Yet to be disclosed

Literature and literary books are very hard to find these days but First Step Publishing has gathered some interesting talent across India. This book had a tough time assembling writers, which took them more than an years time. The catch of this book is that there are twelve writers / contributors, contributing to this venture by First Step Publishing.

First Going through the authors bio beforehand reading we were quite surprised by the line up of contributors. We found Students, Professionals, ex RJ’s, Freelancers, along with published writers and entrepreneurs, which created a lot of inquisitiveness in reading the potpourri the book had to offer. Poems, Short Stories, Anecdote’s, and Real Stories. Reading the book it seemed it had it all along with dash of literature and commercial writing.

“My dear Moon, I simply love and adore you”.
“You are my companion and you are my friend,
You are my support and also my strength,
You are my smile and my darling too,
Dear Moon, I simply love you.”

Be it from being inspired from the moon on being optimistic in life from “Yes You Inspire Me”, to the roller-coaster of an  “An Untitled Poem” quoting

“This time i thank you to be untrue
And let me live my life happily without you…”
or be it from a typical bollywood love story turned later into marriage and a nightmare which does not allow author to dream to from “A Twisted Love Story”, this book has many more poems and stories, the real face of some behind “The Smirk” they wear to the Series of bomb blast in Mumbai in “Freeze”.

In short a must read for a potpourri of anything and everything.

Details of the availability of the book will be updated soon ….


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