Little LuckNow by Nitya Prakash | Paralance Publishers

Name Of The Book: Little LuckNow

Author: Nitya Prakash

Publisher: Parlance Publishers 

ISBN: 978-81-924809-0-9

Year Of Launch and date:  25th September 2011

Price: INR 99

The Blurb Of the book says:

Can a Kid actually fall in love and mean it? Anyone can be in love, it has nothing to do with your age. It is a feeling like sad and happy but love is just harder to find, when you love someone that’s it you don’t wait until you are an adult, You simply love them. Love is lot like living for kids. Anyone can fall in Love Right?

But, Can a kid die for his love an actually mean it?

About The Author: Nitya Prakash is a versatile personality-a writer, a banker, a management expert, an investment consultant, software engineer, motivational speaker, media man, all rolled in one. He was born and brought up in a city of Nawab-Lucknow. He is the bestselling Author of “Dear I Hate You”, & “In the name of love, R.I.P.”. He is a voracious reader and prolific writer and has been regularly in writing many youth awakening articles in the Times Of India and many other reputed magazines. Prakash has worked as an ‘International Trade Manager’ at ICICI bank and also as a ‘Program Officer’ in Microsave India. Little Lucknow is his third novel.

The Author started the book with the dedication to his mother with thee beautiful lines.

“Yeh joh sakht raston pe bhi aasan lagta hai,
Yeh joh mujh ko meri MAA ki duaaon ka asar lagta hai
Aek muddat hui meri Maa nai soyi
Meine bas ek baar kaha tha ki Maa mujhe darr lagta hai…”
Appreciated by many, Little LuckNow will take you back during your school times while reading it. I could very well connect to the character Kapil and could very well see the character Prerna right in front of me, with her cheeks turning pink in anger. This is the beauty of the writer portraying the character in such a way that you can easily visualise them right in front of you. Reading Little Lucknow brought back many memories both good and bad of my schooling days. How we used to convince our class teachers to take us to the nearby garden during our free lectures, also how we used to get drenched in mud and sweat while playing, not to forget the way in which we used to get punished by our teachers and also how we made our teachers proud by how we used to fare in our exams.  

The quality of the book in terms of printing is a real turn off. Thought the cover is beautifully designed printing has not given justice to the cover as well as the internal pages. It is often said that a book sells because of its cover, it is also said that the don’t gauge a book by its cover. Though the above two statements contradict each other, but each of the above two statements are true in their grounds to a certain extent. 
I personally will pick up the book from the stands as inquisitive as I’am but after turning some pages i will keep it back. this is without reading the book. 
Now while reading this book i feel that the book could have been refined more in terms of editing and proofreading, which is also a turn off. 

Keeping it simple in language is one of the best parts of the book not to forget the emotional ending. The climax of the book struck one of the deepest chords in my heart. An overall experience while reading this book was good enough, also would like to recommend this book and would rate it 4/5 

“Emotionally spellbound after reading it. An Honest attempt by Nitya Prakash” rightly said by “Julia Fiona Roberts, Actor / Director”  

This book is available on

1. Amazon

2. Flipkart

3. Indiaplaza

4. Infibeam


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