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By Himani Goyal 

Silent Voices

Author Name:
Rohit Shetty

Virgin Leaf Books


☆☆☆☆ A lovely book with collection of poems written with full emotions. Must read

Details :

About The Author: Rohit Shetty wrote his first poem at the age of twelve. He is a chemical engineer by profession and lives in Mumbai, India.

About The Book: How does it feel when you want to say something, express your feelings, but are unable to put them into words? Each one of us needs to express our emotions. While some people can do with ease, voicing what they feel without any qualms, there are so many others who are hesitant, who cannot express their emotions vocally. For them one form of expression is poetry.

The poet prefers using this medium to express himself. Here is a collection of the unsaid feelings and thoughts of a person penned down in the form of poetry. Silent Voices will bring tears to your eyes, Smile on your face and gladness in your heart. Verses that will relate to these emotions and give you an outlet for emotional fulfillment.
Review: I do enjoy reading poetry as my best friend Vinay is a wonderful poet and write lovely Hindi poetry. But for  the first time I tried reading collection of English poems compiled in a book. And I really enjoyed reading all the poems. They are written in Simple English and easily understood by everyone. Poet rightly said, these poems are his unexpressed emotions as I could read all the emotions in each poem. Some poems brought tears in my eyes while some poems were full of Romance and happiness. Silent Voices is really wonderful title of the book. All the poems are his silent emotions. Each and every poem written is correct rhyming. Some of my favorite poems are: A caged Spirit, The Key to my heart, A Smiling Face, Tear in my Eye, A lonely tear, A poem for you, Silence Echoes and Thinking About You. I am now a big Fan of reading Poetry. All the Best Rohit. Hope you write many more poems. I wanted to share one of his poems with you, Hope you all will like it:

A Poem For You

I Write a poem for you today,
To get a place in your heart forever
A poem that could tell you my love for you
I write my poem with emotion and affection
For you to understand my deep thoughts for you
A poem to love and a poem to understand its soul
A poem to enjoy and a poem to understand its happiness
A poem to think and a poem to understand its way of life
A poem to learn and a poem to understand its content
A poem to sing and a poem to understand its melody
A poem to cry and a poem to understand its sorrow
There are poems I have written but this is especially for you
The poem could tell you how important you are for me
The words come out freely from my mind to write this poem
But there are no words to find my love for you
Those words cannot be missed as I miss your love today
Let me have all those words put into my heart and say I love to write a love poem for you

This one is very lovely poem which I could not resist to share with my readers as it contains all the emotions together. Romance, Love, sadness, tears came out from my eyes after reading this. Simply loved it no words to express my happiness.


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