Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai By Rishi Vohra | Jaico Publishing House

book2Name Of The Book: Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai

Author: Rishi Vohra

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

ISBN: 9788184953053

Language: English

Price: INR 175

No Of Pages 272

About The Book: Autistic. Schizophrenic. Psychotic…

They use these words to describe Babloo the doctors, his family, his teachers everyone except Vandana. She treats him the way he wants the world to see him.

Mumbai the city that defines his ultimate desires. Will it allow him the love and normalcy he so craves?

Vandana yearns for a soul mate to rescue her from the confines of the Railway Colony they all live in. Is she looking in the right place?

Rail Man a fearless, real-life hero who succeeds in doing all that Babloo secretly wishes to do is Babloo his inspiration or is it the other way around?

A random twist of fate on Mumbais endless, serpent-like, jangling local train tracks ties all these characters together in a complex weave of love, heartbreak, and courage.

Babloo draws the reader into his fascinating, heart-rending journey through the twisted, choked lanes of Mumbai, into an open space where he can finally exhale, be born again.

About the Author
Rishi Vohra recently relocated back to Mumbai after completing a Green MBA from San Francisco State University and a Masters Diploma in Environmental Law, prior to which he had a successful career in the Indian entertainment industry.

Having been a guest columnist for various newspapers in India, he currently writes for delWine and is a Certified Specialist of Wine. This is his first novel.

Visit www.rishivohra.com for more information.


This is for the very first time that i have come across a novel that revolved around protagonists with mental ailments. Dyslexia, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia

The protagonist, Babloo, is a psycho and does insane things, though he believes all his deeds to be logically justifiable and we, as readers, still admire his way of doing things and his pattern of thoughts. The female lead, Vandana, is a responsible and sensible lady who leaves no stones unturned to make sure that others do not see her as ‘that kind of girl’ and still falls prey to the ‘bad guy’ Sikandar, a local cable operator, who makes romantic advances towards her in order to win a challenge in which he is required to ‘screw’ her.

I must say that the book was a promising read. It is recommended to all those who are bored of the ‘love stories’ and want something for a change.

Some Reviews by Famous Personalities

Prahlad Kakar
AdFilmmaker, Restaurateur, Scuba Diving Enthusiast “A man who lives in the wild fantasy of his mind. Shy, introverted and ineffectual. Surviving in the unforgiving landscape of Maximum City – Mumbai! Until one day, when fantasy and reality collide, changing his life forever! You’ll find bits of yourself in this book..”

Kabir Bedi

International & Bollywood Actor, “Cavaliere” (Knight) of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic “Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai” is a fresh, well-plotted, human story about love against all odds in middle-class Mumbai, with a “hero” for whom you care deeply. It’s an entertaining read!”

The Afternoon

“A nice and interesting story with lots of middle-class values and happenings, with the good trying to overcome evil.”


The author has a website where you can find more information about the book and contact him directly for any feedback/suggestions you may have.



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