Command Your Destiny by Ashok Gupta | Diamond Books

9789350831502Name Of The Book: Command Your Destiny

Author: Ashok Gupta

Publisher: Diamond Books

ISBN: 9789350831502

Language: English

Price: INR 175

No Of Pages 272

About The Book :

“Through arsenals of fastest and practical most advance techniques and training, realize:

  • A indomitable and mentally, physically healthy personality laden with eternal peace, super joy
  • Peak performance, excellence and behavioural mastery
  • Healing from the chronic diseases, allergy and AIDS, increased life span
  • Control over adverse situation and severe pain without drug
  • Generative growth in self and loved ones
  • Freedom from chronic addiction, objectionable patterns (repulsion, obsession, over eating, phobia, neurotic behaviour…) and mental problems (suicidal tendencies, internal fight…)
  • Accelerated learning to become genius
  • Goal directed unconscious management
  • Ability for helping and coaching

Receive benefits despite having abnormal circumstances, traumatic experiences and emotional upheavals.”

About The Author :Ashok 1 JPG

Ashok Gupta is consultant (Mental Health, Addiction, Learning), Certified Life Coach, speaker and trainer. With B.Sc, MA, Post Graduate in Graphology (handwriting analysis), he has Certification in Advance Quality Control System (Boeing, USA), and Advance Communication System (USA). During residency in U.S.A, he learned various latest psychological and learning models from world level authorities. Ashok Gupta has spoken in prestigious organisations, medical associations and conference. He has researched extensively on succeeding and surviving in the most difficult and inhuman circumstances.


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This is for the very first instance that iam reading a self help book.  i didn’t have any knowledge of how to start off, so i just started reading this book, decided to read the book chapter-wise, each chapter a day and think about it, think what Author Ashok Gupta wanted to  convey.

When i got this book i was happy seeing the  quality of of print, the cover, as always diamond books has maintained the quality of its books and are improving it as well.

This book informs about the conditioned thinking which is very prevalent in our society. The book clearly explains the conditionings which we are subject to in the journey of life from childhood to adulthood. The journey of life is different for everyone. Author here has tried to cover all the major aspects of it. Written very well in terms of explanatory language which is simple and easy to read.

The best part of this book is that the Author has begun each chapter with a quote, which summarises the chapter in brief, its like when you read the quote in the beginning to the chapter you feel to read the entire chapter in a single go.

The Author Ashok Gupta has intensively worked on the background while scripting this book which is quite evident in the read.

Author Sums up the book with

Remember for Never Ever Giving Up No Matter What

1. Never giving up is an attitude and mental state, which can be learned and conditioned by every ordinary mind. No sooner you will decide for it, you would never give up.

Mental Conditioning depends as per me is the conditions and situations you have been put in which is different from person to person, situation to situation and condition to condition. It is this when you have been put to your limits the best in you comes out.

Overall a good read and surely can be used for future references by many.

Recommended book by Book Review Forum


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